How to Use Grin Coin

How to Deposit GRIN to KuCoin

If you have GRIN in your wallet and want to deposit it on KuCoin to trade, here’s how.

First, in your KuCoin deposit overview for GRIN, copy your personal wallet address, which looks similar to this:

Second, run grin, then use the grin client to send a transaction with the following syntax:

grin wallet send -d URL amount

Make sure to change this to your address link and specify your AMOUNT. Here's an example with 3.5 ツ:

./grin wallet send -d 3.5

That’s it. Soon your Grin Transaction will appear in Kucoin's Deposit history.

Your coins are credited to your account after 12 confirmations.

If you feel unsure about these commands, you can always use ./grin wallet -h for help.

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